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By butlercpa17472259, Jan 13 2017 01:48PM

IR-2016-143, Oct. 28, 2016 Español

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today reminded employers and small businesses of a new Jan. 31 filing deadline for Forms W-2. The IRS must also hold some refunds until Feb. 15.

A new federal law, aimed at making it easier for the IRS to detect and prevent refund fraud, will accelerate the W-2 filing deadline for employers to Jan. 31. For similar reasons, the new law also requires the IRS to hold refunds involving two key refundable tax credits until at least Feb. 15. Here are details on each of these key dates.

New Jan. 31 Deadline for Employers

The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, enacted last December, includes a new requirement for employers. They are now required to file their copies of Form W-2, submitted to the Social Security Administration, by Jan. 31. The new Jan. 31 filing deadline also applies to certain Forms 1099-MISC reporting non-employee compensation such as payments to independent contractors.

In the past, employers typically had until the end of February, if filing on paper, or the end of March, if filing electronically, to submit their copies of these forms. In addition, there are changes in requesting an extension to file the Form W-2. Only one 30-day extension to file Form W-2 is available and this extension is not automatic. If an extension is necessary, a Form 8809 Application for Extension of Time to File Information Returns must be completed as soon as you know an extension is necessary, but by January 31. Please carefully review the instructions for Form 8809, for more information.

"As tax season approaches, the IRS wants to be sure employers, especially smaller businesses, are aware of these new deadlines," said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. "We are working with the payroll community and other partners to share this information widely."

The new accelerated deadline will help the IRS improve its efforts to spot errors on returns filed by taxpayers. Having these W-2s and 1099s earlier will make it easier for the IRS to verify the legitimacy of tax returns and properly issue refunds to taxpayers eligible to receive them. In many instances, this will enable the IRS to release tax refunds more quickly than in the past.

The Jan. 31 deadline has long applied to employers furnishing copies of these forms to their employees and that date remains unchanged.

Some Refunds Delayed Until at Least Feb. 15

Due to the PATH Act change, some people will get their refunds a little later. The new law requires the IRS to hold the refund for any tax return claiming either the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) until Feb. 15. By law, the IRS must hold the entire refund, not just the portion related to the EITC or ACTC.

Even with this change, taxpayers should file their returns as they normally do. Whether or not claiming the EITC or ACTC, the IRS cautions taxpayers not to count on getting a refund by a certain date, especially when making major purchases or paying other financial obligations. Though the IRS issues more than nine out 10 refunds in less than 21 days, some returns are held for further review.


All information copied from source.

By butlercpa17472259, Nov 1 2016 12:24PM

According to the 2016 General Instructions for Forms W-2 and W-3 published by the IRS:

New Due Date for Forms W-2 — January 31, 2017 is now the due date for filing 2016 Forms W-2 and W-3 with the SSA, whether filing using paper forms or electronically. (Forms W-2AS, W-2CM, W-2GU, W-2VI, and W-3SS are also included.)

Extensions Not Automatic — Extensions of time to file Form W-2 with the SSA are no longer automatic. For filings due on or after January 1, 2017, one 30-day extension may be requested. However, the IRS will only grant the extension in extraordinary circumstances or catastrophe.

Higher Penalty Amounts — Higher penalty amounts apply to returns required to be filed after December 31, 2015 and are indexed for inflation.

More detailed information is available at https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/iw2w3.pdf.

New Due Date for Form 1099-MISC Box 7 Use

According to the 2016 General Instructions for Certain Information Returns:

New Due Date for Forms 1099-MISC Using Box 7 — January 31, 2017 is now the due date for filing Forms 1099-MISC when reporting nonemployee compensation payments in box 7. Otherwise, file on paper by February 28, 2017, or file electronically by March 31, 2017. (The due dates for furnishing payee statements remain the same.)

Electronic Filers must use the FIRE System. The IRS has included a “First Time Filers Quick Reference Guide” in Publication 1220 (page 2).

Extensions — A 30-day extension must be requested by the due date of the return. Under certain hardship conditions, an additional 30-day extension can be requested. For more information, go to https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1099gi.pdf (page 6).

By butlercpa17472259, Oct 24 2016 02:07PM

As we gear up for the hustle & bustle of the holidays, our finances are at the top of that list. They can be as scary as the ghosts & goblins yelling trick or treat at your door. It is never too early to start planning for next year. Here at Butler CPA & Associates PLLC we are skilled in financial planning and can give you an outlook at how your finances will look on your current path as well as help find a path that may work more efficiently. Stop in or call today.

By butlercpa17472259, Oct 6 2016 03:25PM

Those crazy scam calls are still going around!! Remember, The IRS will NOT call you! Do not give any information to these people and do not believe them! You will not be arrested, no cop is coming to your home and you do not need to pay with a prepaid card!!

By butlercpa17472259, Sep 30 2016 02:21PM

Extension deadline for partnership and personal returns is quickly approaching. Don't wait till the last minute, get in to see us today!! The IRS is giving you the weekend so the actual deadline this year is October 17, 2016. We hope to see you soon!!

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