What to do if a IRS agent visits your home or business


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What to do if a IRS agent visits your home or business

By butlercpa17472259, Aug 30 2017 02:42PM

When the IRS comes to your house or place of business, there is a certain protocol that you MUST follow. A Revenue officer's main objective on this visit is to get financial information from you and inspect your home and place of business for assets. This can be a very unnerving experience and if you don't handle this visit properly it could impact your case in a negative manner.

The best way to handle this situation, is to get their information and tell them you are hiring a tax attorney to help you with your case. It is best not to give them financial information regarding your income, assets and budget. First of all, you are giving them levy sources. Secondly, many people do not know their budget and really need some time to review their monthly bills. Lastly, if you are a small business owner or are self employed your income probably fluctuations. You do not want to give them a number until you can properly analyze your profit and loss statement.

Giving the IRS financial information on a surprise visit is a mistake! The IRS will use this information to determine your ability to pay and if you give them information without reviewing your budget and financial situation, you will get yourself into a payment agreement that you may not be able to afford.

Information provided by

Deborah Gregory

Former IRS Attorney


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