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Money makes the world go around, and legal proceedings almost always have a financial component to them. Attorneys often rely on financial professionals (CPAs, accountants, and economists) to add credibility or credence to the points that they are attempting to convey to the court.


Our firm can help, regardless of the legal situation. Call us today at 248-742-1747.

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Business valuations

Are you looking to buy or sell a business? Sell a business? Do you need to value your business for divorce or estate reasons?


Many people try to buy a business without really examining the business from all angles. Or if they do, it is often without the help of an unbiased and seasoned professional to help them determine what fair market value truly is for the business. There are many approaches to business valuations.


We will use a unique combination based on a variety of elements to determine fair market value.

Divorce is a difficult time for all parties involved. Sometimes parties will attempt to hide or undervalue assets for obvious reasons. As forensic auditors, we can help uncover those assets to help innocent parties receive their fair and equitable settlement amount. Call us today at 248-742-1747.

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