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Financial crimes can ruin an organization. What an organization does not know can bring them to their knees. Internal and external transactions can become a maze of complexity making them difficult to follow if perpetrated by individuals clever in the areas of fraud.


Our experience and expertise in these areas can help your organization expose fraud, and reduce the fraud risk. Rob Butler was Lead Auditor for the Pontiac School District in 2010 and discovered accounting errors totaling $157,000,000.00.

Forensic audit and discovery

Financial audits

Is your organization in need of a financial audit for bank financing, a merger, acquisition or sale, divorce proceedings, or business valuations? Only CPA’s or CPA firms can provide this service. Our individual experience includes many years of business experience in a variety of industries.


We specialize in small to mid-size organizations and are a cost-effective alternative to the larger regional and big four firms yet still providing outstanding service.

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As a matter of transparency and public trust, pension plans and 401k plans have a fiduciary responsibility to its stakeholders. As part of this fiduciary responsibility, pension and 401K plans are required to undergo annual audit and compliance requirements by the Federal Government.


Our firm has experience in these requirements for small to mid-size plans.

Pension and 401k audits

FHA mortgage company financial audits

Mortgage companies offering FHA financing are required to undergo annual financial audits and meet established equity and liquidity standards to maintain FHA certifications depending upon the FHA program that they offer.


While the industry has been in a state of change, the requirement appears to be shifted from FHA and will be required by individual banks. Regardless of the outcome, we have experience in helping mortgage companies maintain their FHA licensing requirements.


Rob Butler is an FHA-approved CPA and is authorized to issue opinions on all FHA financial audits.

Internal control and internal auditing

Reviews and compilations

Perhaps your organization does not need a financial audit but would benefit from an assurance of the legitimacy of the financial statements. A review is less in scope than an audit but still has testing requirements. This can provide some level of credibility to the reader of the statements as to the statement’s accuracy.


Compilations provide no assurance; however, they can be useful for organizations who may have strong internal controls surrounding accounting processes and want to see their financials prepared by a CPA Firm.

Sloppy accounting practices and questionable controls within an organization can be business-killing traps which can result in financial ruin. Reducing fraud risk is what one first thinks of when thinking of internal controls, but it goes much deeper than just this.


Ineffective controls can expose your organization to legal problems that can reverberate for years to come. Large organizations often have their own internal control auditing staff. Small to mid-size companies do not have this luxury. However, the need is still just as important. Let our firm help you in this all important area.

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